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Iris of the Signory Body Cream

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Dermo-functional formula studied to guarantee a "natural efficacy" deriving from the synergy of each of its components for a global cosmetic treatment granting visible results and high level sensorial performance.
Thanks to the soft and light texture, highly eudermic, it grants an elevated noirishing power to skin leaving it smooth, compact and velvety. It contains high purity and efficacy, natural origin ingredients and emulsifiers fit for enhancing the skin welness.
Apply on clean and dry skin until completely absorbed.
It does not contain synthetic emulsifiers either aggressive or irritating for skin.

Iris of the Signory
Elegant flowery bouquet of iris, freesia and tuberose with musky and vanilla base with lenitive, hydrating and revitalizing properties of Iris extract.

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Design: Norrwebb
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