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Maria Candida Gentile

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Maria Candida Gentile dedicated this perfume to the Way of St.james, a long path where wanderers often find their way back to a lost dimension between the realms of the sacred and that of the physical. In particular, it is dedicated to the Finisterre, the place where you can decide to keep walking for about a hundred kilometers after arriving in Santiago.
The local tradition calls for travellers to bathe in the ocean, to then burn a garment they had been wearing during their march, and finally to collect a shell as evidence of their experience.
The encounter with the ocean, the power of the sea, the wind and nature, along with the special energy of this place inspired this creation.

Perfume family: marine, woody

Top note: ocean
Heart notes: helichrysum, pine
Base notes: grey amber, sandalwood

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Design: Norrwebb
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