Flash Back

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A memory in motion and in action: that is also the magic and the raison d’être of Flash Back. A tangy and vibrant fragrance, Flash Back is an olfactory reminiscence: tangy and slightly green rhubarb mixed with hesperides revives an enveloping childhood smell: that of rhubarb tart. A base note of vetiver and cedar give it woody sensuality.

Perfume family: citrus, fruity, woody

Top notes: rhubarb, grapefruit, orange
Heart notes: pink pepper, Granny Smith apple
Base notes: vetiver, cedar, amber, musk

Den här får jag dela med kära maken, så syrlig och grön doft, grapefrukt och äpple och sen underbart trä och vetiver! Vill ha!
- Birgit (2013-05-29 22:09:49)

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Design: Norrwebb
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