Foin Fraichement Coupé

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Oriza L.Legrand

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"When you walk in the evening, breathing the smell of new-mown hay, listening to the cuckoo in the woods, watching the stars that spin, your heart, indeed, your heart is purer, more penetrated with air, light, and the peaceful azure horizon, where the earth touches the sky in a quiet kiss. Oh! like the perfume in the air of a women's hair! like the skin of their soft hands, as their eyes stare at us and penetrate our soul!"
Gustave Flaubert

Originaly created 1886, recreated 2013

Perfume family: green, fresh

Top notes: angelica, star anis, wild mint
Heart notes: clover, sainfoin, new mown hay, clary sage
Base notes: new mown hay, dry hay, white musk, cockle, ivy

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Design: Norrwebb
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