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Antonio Alessandria

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Gattopardo tries to portray the archetype Sicilian man with his strong bond to his motherland. He is tall with lots of ego and muscular features, which makes him powerful, inclined to anger, yes, but in a controlled manner. His authoritarian manner commands respect yet his simple attitude towards family traditions bind him firmly to his roots. A loving caring person that oozes generosity and makes all around him feel welcome. A man with style and elegance having a rational mind that is able to create with an upmost spirit of freedom.

The perfume family: gourmand, woody

Top notes: bergamot, fig, whisky
Heart notes: geranium, iris
Base notes: benzoin, hazelnut, almond, cacao, beevax, cedarwood, patchouli, amber, musk

English Svenska Россия 

Design: Norrwebb
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