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Olivier Durbano

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Eau de Parfum inspired by legend and symbolic of jade.

Celestial, Royal, precious, Jade is the symbol of eternal life, symbol of love and virtue, as well as symbol of absolute power.
Jade is also the stone of honesty linked to power. It is middleness, virtue, tolerance, harmony as well as inner peace, justice and modesty. Jade would elevate the level of human conscience and enable man to better understand the message of dreams.
Jade has always been appreciated for its highly beneficial power in the old civilisations of Central and South American among precolombian Indians, as well as in China with its old healing tradition. Following a secret procedure and according to legends of ancient time, Taoist alchemists were able to transform jade into a liquid and use it as a renowned "love potion" thus healing human being and leading them to immortality.

Perfume family: aromatic, woody, green

Top notes: green tea, star anis, mint, cardamom
Heart notes: cassis, iris, jasmine, China cinnamon
Base notes: amber, patchouli, vetiver, moss, musk, everlasting flower, maté, holly

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Design: Norrwebb
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