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Pierre Guillaume Collection Croisiére

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In the Indonesian jungle...
In Sanskrit, Jangala designates a natural wilderness area, a jungle. The term sums up the olfactory world imagined by Pierre Guillaume in this woody, aromatic composition, infused with moist jungle air.
The top notes evoke the lush vegetation of a tropical forest after a rainfall: eucaliptus leaves, cardamom and rosewood blend with Thai herbs and Kahili ginger blossoms.
Rising from the moist earth, sandalwood vapor suffused with coconut and vetiver slowly warms the steamy, ozone-laced air.
Suddenly, birds stop chirping: silence, then a quiver and the glint of dark eyes... a tiger is crounching in the shadow.

The perfume family: woody, green, spicy

Top notes: eucaliptus, cardamom
Heart notes: ginger, rosewood
Base notes: sandalwood, coconut, vetiver

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Design: Norrwebb
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