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Olivier Durbano

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Labradorite, Lunar Stone, Bearer of Light that dispels the dark haze of illusions cast by past beliefs and emotions experienced…
It is the ultimate magic stone which promotes an awakening and harmonisation, and which strengthens intuition and foresight… united with the Divine Presence, Truth, Eternal Love…
A fragrance with the Subtle Radiance of the Divinity, Labradorite is associated with the power of Palo Santo, a
Sacred Wood blended with mysterious, captivating tuberose, starlight and invigorating marjoram, with deep and powerful undertones of opopanax, civet and castoreum.
#13 Labradorite cleanses, purifies and symbolises the
passage to a higher plane of existence. For Kabbalists, it is
the sign of the dragon….

The perfume family: oriental, woody, floral

Top notes: cardamom, majoram, palo santo-trä
Heart notes: tuberose, amber, olibanum
Base notes: agarwood, sandalwood, civet, castoreum, opoponax, musk

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Design: Norrwebb
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