Lapis Lazuli

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Olivier Durbano

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Lapis-lazuli, from the Latin lapis, stone, and lazuli, azure, coming itself from Persian and Sanskrit, “King’s Portion”, as rare as it is precious, considered as the stone of the holy and the spiritual, is famous for its splendid midnight blue/navy blue colour sprinkled with golden specks, “sap- phire” of the Antiquity, evoking the starry sky, the kingdom of heaven, making it one of the richest stone in terms of legends and properties.
Symbol of the celestial forces, of luck, sign of inspiration and intuition, alchemists linked lapis-lazuli to the Air element, the Libra element, associated to the third eye chakra.

The perfume family: spicy, woody, oriental

Top notes: artemisia, clove, rose, tea tree, cypress
Heart notes: thyme, milk, spelt, iris
Base notes: cedarwood, vetiver, amber. elemi, tolu balsam, musk

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