Lapis Philosophorum

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Olivier Durbano

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Deep in crucibles and athanors alchemists searched for the Philosopher's Stone that would change base metals into pure gold.
But wasn't alchemy an even more mysterious pathway?
The origin was the "Emerald Tablet" of Hermes Trismegistus, an enigmatic teaching which the Arab world would later say was the great internal principle of the Great Work.
A "Corner stone" in architecture, the "Philosopher's stone" in alchemy...
In the Arab language the word "stone" has a "hidden" dimendion; wasn't the search for the Philosopher's stone the search for the essence of man, divine like "the brighteness of the sun"?

Perfume family: woody, balsamic, spicy

Top notes: calamus, juniper, rum, white truffle, grapefruit, wine sediment
Heart notes: Oman frankincense, mesquite, grey amber, menthol
Base notes: opoponax, myrrh, musk, oak moss

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Design: Norrwebb
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