Liqueur Charnelle

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PG Huitiéme Art

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The five major aromas that give Cognac its unique flavour are vanilla, prune, caramel, orange and apricot.. while the nose detects floral and fruity notes in its bouquet, such as dried linden blossom, vine blossom, dry vine shoots and pressed grape with hints of violet and vanilla. Inspired by this cornucopia of fragrances, Liqueur Charnelle is a voluptuous, deeply sensual accord in which the perfumer offers a "cognac bouquet" of spices, blond tobacco and powdery woods. Suave and vibrant pink pepper, elemi and black pepper enhance tonka bean and raspberry notes...

Perfume family: woody, spicy, gourmand

Top notes: pink pepper, black pepper, elemi
Heart notes: cognac, linden blossom, blond tobacco, grapes, caramel, dry fruits
Base notes: cedarwood, vetiver, raspberry, vanilla, coumarin, tonka bean, amber

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Design: Norrwebb
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