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Passage d'Enfer

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A fragrance of soft soothing light and flickers of fire

Passage D'Enfer was composed by Olivia Giacobetti and bears many of the hallmarks of her work: translucency and a delicate controlled use of notes to paint gauzy images. Created in the year 2000 as the centuries shifted from one to another, the provocative name serves a dual purpose: a reference to this passage of millennia and also to the Paris street of the same name where L'Artisan had its original headquarters. The sheer incense note of Passage d'Enfer is cool, dry and haunting. It conjures up images of chilled cathedral walls, echoes of rituals and incantations. The name is dark and unsettling, but the scent itself is tranquil and contemplative. Lily and white musks sweeten the smoke, balms and amber glow in the darkness. For a moment Passage d'Enfer feels caught between heaven and hell, a fragrance of soft soothing light and flickers of fire.

The fragrance is created by perfumeur Olivia Giacobetti.

Perfume family: oriental, woody, floral

Notes: rose, ginger, white lily, incense, cedar, cinnamon, myrrh, aloe tree, sandalwood, benzoin, white musk.

Passage D'enfer - är en mörk, tvålig, fräsch doft. Unisex. Funkar utmärkt att ha lager på lager med ljusa blommiga dofter. Jag tycker inte att den är orientaliskt träig, utan mer mörk aldehyd/tvålig/ren fräsch doft. Mycket hållbar på min hud, mellan 7-8 timmar.
- Monica Hansson (2014-09-17 08:42:26)

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Design: Norrwebb
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