Patchouli Patch

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L'Artisan Parfumeur

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A polished patchouli that wears like velvet on the skin

Patchouli Patch is set apart from other attempts at capturing this most classic of fragrance notes by the exceptional quality of the raw material, the refined nature of the patchouli essential oil used in this full bodied and elegant fragrance. Deep white musks and anise layered with precious woods, add depth and persistence, polishing the patchouli into a deep amethyst glow. There are touches of floral earth here and there in the spaces between notes, just a reminder of patchouli's long and smoky past. Patchouli Patch wears like soft purple velvet on the skin.

Perfume family: woody

Top notes: cumin, star anise, fennel, patchouli, white musk
Heart notes: osmanthus, iris, patchouli, musk
Bas notes: cedarwood, vetiver, sandalwood

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Design: Norrwebb
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