Quality of Flesh

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Francis Bacon, substance, creation, his being human. The artist's narcissism, his becoming a painter in order to be loved. A tragic dandyism: society's trends and agitated excess. Drunk with the gin of Soho's pubs. A mixture of smoke and grotesque laughters. He oozes art and swallows life. London's streets are damp and dark,
rich of sensations, attractions, tentations. The ferocious excitement of the male body. Muscles, hair, flesh. A brief oblivion that loosens the constant traction of the spirit.
A tender and violent love, born from the feebleness of left out men.

The perfume family: oriental, fougere

Top notes: juniper berries, black and pink pepper
Heart notes: narciss, patchouli, styrax, costus
Base notes: leather, benzoin, civet, castoreum

I can only agree with Miguel Matos who claimed this must be in the top 10 of new fragrances released in 2015. It is definitely a very sexual scent and no doubt masculine and highly physical. It´s truly animalistic and resembles the scent of active, naked bodies. Quite like a gay leather bar with that dense, loaded atmosphere. If you step out of this bar, onto the street, the fresh air strikes you as a contrast. Quality of Flesh captures the moment BEFORE you open the door...

A bit heady, too much can make one dizzy. Not a mainstream fragrance, but I really like the fact that it´s quite demanding to wear.

What I really love about it is that it has captured the dark and forbidden world of male carnal desire in a most convincing way. Not that perfume necessarily has a natural place in that underground world, but because that scene may simply smell just like that on its own; dirty, tantalizing, nauseating at times, but magnetic!!! Like a male version of Tannhäuser´s Venusberg! With this scent you can bring this underground world up into daylight, knowing the depths from where it came... Enjoy!
- Arne Fagerholt (2016-08-14 22:51:29)

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Design: Norrwebb
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