Still Life

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A sparkling and festive perfume, Still Life is a celebration of life! A surprising and luminous perfume that invites you to celebrate in style with a whirlwind of exotic cocktails.
The brilliance of Japanese Yuzu, accompanied by a cocktail infusion of rare peppers, rum and warm woods. A stark contrast between ever present freshness and comforting, warm notes. A woody citrus fragrance of contrasts, energetic and alive!

Perfume family: citrus, woody

Top notes: yuzu, elemi, pink, black and Sichuan pepper
Heart notes: star anise, galbanum
Base notes: dark rum, cedarwood, ambrox

Underbar! Somrig och fräsch, frisk doft, Yuzifruktens underbara blandning mellan grapefrukt och mandarin. Cederträ och rom avslutar doften. Jag är glad att jag köpte ett prov, nu blir det att köpa en större flaska för den här måste jag ha i sommar!
- Birgit (2013-05-09 21:47:06)
The opening of this parfum is very woody and sharp - but not unpleasant. The bite of sharpness quickly mellows to a lush finish that has tremendous staying power on the skin; many hours later I still caught the scent as I moved about.

There are crisp, cleans lines in the scent of this perfume. The twin scents of rum and anise are laced through with very precise measure - all of it blending to a scent that hearkens back to a classic era while retaining a contemporary feel.

- Tmoerlein (2014-01-08 23:41:45)

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Design: Norrwebb
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