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The Lido, the sea, the scorching hug of the sun. A jog towards the waves. The instict and enthusiasm of youth. This is Tadzio. Panting, he rests on the sand, inebriated with salt and water. A bite. Juicy fruit drips on hot skin. A shiver. The fatal beauty that grasps itself. Expanded vibrations. The sprouting of innocence, the explosion of revelation, exploration, excitement. Gazes caress the skin and outline the forms. The scents of the sea and shore engulf the nostrils. A bright, transcendental image. Total abandonment is the ultimate goal. Reflected footprints are the only memory.

The perfume family: citrus, green, marine

Top notes: lime, orange, ivy, cucumber
Heart notes: black currant, sea water, orange blossom
Base notes: immortelle, patchouli, opoponax, musk

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Design: Norrwebb
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