Violettes du Czar

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Violettes du Czar

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Among the perfumers of France, only the House Oriza L. Legrand had the honor to be conceding the diploma Provider of the Court of Russia and it is a token of her gratitude to create a series of fine and delicate products, Violettes du Czar, their unquestionable superiority has passed through the high socialites and in all the courts of Europe.
Nice violet infinitely finer, softer, more distinguished, mingled with racy accents of russian leather, balms and amber, is less wise than the language attributed to him.
Violettes du Czar is bold fragrance that suits to elegant and stylish persons.

Perfume family: floral, green, powdery

Top notes: violetleaf, violet
Heart notes: Nice violet, Florens iris, heliotrope
Base notes: Tolu balm, Russian leather, amber, guaiacwood

English Svenska Россия 

Design: Norrwebb
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