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Olivier Durbano

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Eau de Parfum inspired by legend and symbolic of citrine.

The origin of the word citrine goes back to the citrus referring to an orange yellow color.
The citrine is a variety of quartz whose yellow color comes from very little quantities of Iron oxydes present in the metal.
The natural color of the citrine covers a whole range from pale to golden yellow, sometimes mixed with touches of ocre and smoky tones.
The citrine is one of these rare stones that do not need any purification, since it absorbs and dissipates all negative energies.
Being the symbol of force, wisdom and peace, having the same color of Sun, of Light and of the most precious alchimic metal: Gold, the citrine irradiates celestial light, joy and happiness. Linked to the third chakra, the one of the solar plexus stemming from esteem, self-confidence, power and might mixed with comprehensive intelligence..
According to South American chamans, the citrine has the power to consume man's limits, to defuse his most profound fears and to dissipate all negative energies through its inner fire and glowing celestial energy, aiming at reaching successfully all earthly goals in full conscience. From inner flame to celestial light...

Perfume family: oriental, woody, spicy

Top notes: Sicilian lemon, wild orange, elemi, incens, ginger, pink pepper
Heart notes: carrot seed, mimosa, rosewood, lignum vitae
Base notes: mysk, myrrh, grey amber, beeswax

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Design: Norrwebb
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