Don't get me Wrong Baby I don't Swallow

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Etat Libre d'Orange

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It all starts with a hand on the nape of a neck. The hand of a man familiar with the practice of attracting young women, accustomed to crumpling their sleek hair and to getting the better of their well-behaved manners. This is the story of a man in a car at night, of a manly hand that draws a perfectly fresh face towards him - expressed at the start by a bouquet of white flowers: lily of the valley, jasmine and orange blossom–, and who anticipates the chocolaty taste and tenderness of a mouth. It is also the story of a woman who at first resists and finally goes down on him. The art of the “American kiss” unfurls on accords of ambre solaire, almond, sugar cane and marsh mallow. The man will discover everything there is to know about her: the warm roughness of her tongue, the rousing sensation of her back and forth. All there is to know and no more than that! The appetizer ends in a whisper: “Don’t get me wrong baby, I don’t swallow".

Perfume family: floral, aldeghydic

Notes: jasmine, aldehydes, lily of the valley, orange blossom, solar accord, amber, patchouli, coconut, musk, marshmallow, cacao

Mjuk och hudnära superkvinnlig doft. På min hud får jag mest fram mjuk och vårlätt Liljekonvalj, Musk, Amber och Aldehyder (gröna noter). En riktigt kramdoft. Elegant och sofistikerad i mitt tycke.
- Monica Hansson (2013-04-28 06:31:06)

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Design: Norrwebb
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