Elephant & Roses

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Maria Candida Gentile

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"A late afternoon, sitting at my desk, exercising to recreate an elephant smell, while writing my perfume formulae I had a kind of a vision, which merged the elephant’s image, its smell and a large field of roses, of an intense colour, almost fuchsia. Within this vision the elephants were running and, trampling on the roses, were dispersing a scent of flowers, mixed together with the strong smell of their bodies. Slowly - while I was weighing and smelling my formula - after trying it on my skin I realised that it was mine. I used the Turkish rose: this fragrance is derived from the blending of two different formulae, using the so called “dans le tiroir” method, by which I merged animal notes with skin and floral ones."
Maria Candida Gentile

The perfume family: floral, spicy, oriental

Top notes: thyme, costus, osmanthus
Heart notes: rose, jasmine, grey amber
Base notes: vetiver, sandalwood, animalic accord

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Design: Norrwebb
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