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The splendor and opulence of the great Angkor civilization.
Garuda is a protective divinity, portrayed as part man and part bird in Kmer mythology. He is the lord of birds, an allegorical figure of Indian inspiration. Thousands of Garuda depictions decorate the bas-reliefs of the magnificent Angkor-Wat, the divinity being usually shown as the battle steed of Vishnu and Krishna, bearing the god on his shoulders, and simultaneously fighting against the god's enemies.

The fragrance created by perfumer Luca Maffei

The fragrance family: woody, oriental

Top notes: bergamot, orange, cumin, pink pepper
Heart notes: Cambodian oud, saffron, rhum
Base notes: patchouli, timbersilk, vetiver, cedarwood, cashmeran, amber, vanilla, musk

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Design: Norrwebb
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