Le Cri de la Lumiére

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Parfum d'Empire

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With Le Cri, Marc-Antoine Corticchiato continues his conquest of the olfactory world. Beyond smelling good, it is a quest for light. For radiance.
Three pure and limpid voices echo each other in this song for a dawning day. Ambrette rings with a crystal clear note of eau-de-vie. A powdery Florentine iris blends its diaphanous aria with the fiery tones of Turkish rose, turning Le Cri into a radiant harmony. Both an ethereal halo and an exhilarating flight towards the break of day. In this new composition, the richness of the ingredients
takes luxury back to its original meaning, from the Latin lux.
Let there be light...

The perfume family: floral, musky

Notes: rose, iris, ambretta, musk

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Design: Norrwebb
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