Melle Cléo

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Les Cocottes de Paris

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Harmony, precision, classicism, style and restraint are the values Cléo de Merode acquired the the Paris Opera. But her controlled appearance conceals a more ambiguous nature. Like a fierce hetaira, she stands out in a sort of brothel that has become the foyer of the ballet school.
She was considered the world's most beautiful woman in 1896. An absolute star, she captured her contemporaries' imagination.
Melle Cléo Eau de Parfum is a sort of olphactory choreography with unpredictable variations: Botticellian rosewood, night blooming cereus worthy of Asparas and cotton flower for the most angelic cocotte.

The perfume family: floral, fresh, woody

Top notes: rosewood, bergamot, litchee
Heart notes: night blooming cereus, ylang-ylang, rose
Base notes: cotton flower, lichen

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Design: Norrwebb
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