Poudre de Riz

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Pierre Guillaume Huitiéme Art

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"The air in the closed room was heavy with a mixture of odours: soap, face powder, the pungent scent of cologne".
Henri Barbusse, The Inferno, 1908
This is the phrase from a novel by Henri Barbusse that inspired "Poudre de Riz", a fragrance for a deliciously amber embrace: the old-fashioned charm of an accord of "Poudre de Riz" tinged with Rose Petals and the timeless sensuality of a Monoi infused with Vanilla Pods.

Perfume family: oriental, floral, gourmand

Notes: tiare flower, coconut milk, vanilla, rice, maple sap, caramel, sandalwood, iris, cedarwood, tonka beans, tolu balsam, benzoin, Damask rose

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Design: Norrwebb
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