Putain des Palaces

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Etat Libre d'Orange

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Sheer sensuous fantasy. The powdered top note evokes a woman who dresses for seduction – a soft trail of lipstick, the rustling of lace. The intimate ritual of a femme fatale who sees right through the fragile armour of men. Her sophistication is intriguing, as is the commerce she makes of her body. Under the bitter-sweet touch of almond, like a secret that unfolds, comes a hint of supple leather, fluid and flexible, that introduces what is to come : a boudoir, fingers that tighten on a leatherette sofa and the palpable presence of raw desire. Doesn’t every woman have the fantasy of being a temptress in a hotel bar, of yielding to desire in the intimacy of a lift or of giving way to sensuality in silk sheet luxury?

Perfume family: floral, powdery, oriental

Notes: rose absolute, violet, leather, lily of the valley, tangerine, mandarine, ginger, rice powder, amber, musk

En mycket hudnära doft. Jag får endast en mix av Amber/Läder/Animaliska noter. Jag känner inga blomnoter alls på min hud, varför jag tror den kan funka som unisex. När jag tagit på denna doften på huden så känner jag ingen utstrålngning alls, utan nästa person måste dansa tätt intill eller krama mig.
- Monica Hansson (2013-04-28 06:06:16)

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Design: Norrwebb
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