Count Gabriel Alfred Guillaume d'Orsay, the Chevalier d'Orsay, was born 1801 to a baroness and a general in Napoleon's Empire. His grandmother was accustomed to entertaining well-known literary and political personalities in her salons. The Count therefore grew up in a world of beauty and elegance where learning and intelligence held pride of place. His refinement, natural affectation adn provocative style marked him out as a dandy during his time where he set the tone for a certain way of living and dressing. Gustave Doré, Berlioz, Alfred de Vigny and Lamartine were to fall under his spell. As a multi-talented artist - painter, sculptor and alchemist of luxury and elegance, he created the first of his fragrances out of love in 1830. These were to perfume many women according to his fancy. The Chevalier d'Orsay therefore became a perfume maker, drawing out flowers' delicate soul with his sensitive chemist's nose. Right up until his death in 1852, he continued to devote himself to this skilful passion, noting down formulas which are still carefully preserved to this day. After his death, his family decided to put this precious olfactory heritage to good use. In 1908, the Compagnie Francaise des Parfums d'Orsay was created. It is developing legendary fragrances presented in bottles made from Lalique Baccarat and other crystal, each more remarkable than the next. Over 5 millioner bottles was sold in 1931. Since 2007.. Marie Huet, a young lady who has been passionately fond of this rich and attractive past, she has ensured the expansion of Parfums d'Orsay in this new century. She has revived the magic of yesteryear, with a respectable philosophy and products of elegance and a rare quality.

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