La Collina Toscana Reserve

A journey to Italy can't but start from Tuscany.. worldwide dreamed of and loved. Queen of Arts, home of culture, thought and Italian language, witness of a nature made of absolute beauty. Just think of its "hills" giving life to great landscape suggestions created by a gentle nature and a secular work, dedicated to reshape the surrounding environment. "LA COLLINA TOSCANA Tuscany Reserve" springs from the history and the charm typical of these places where man has been living for centuries and which maintain their ancient atmosphere. The line draws inspiration by Tuscany small villages "borgo" rising on the top of round hillocks "poggio", characterised by merchant's lodges "loggia" and by a labyrinth of lanes leading to antique fortresses "rocca". Typical Tuscan villages, unique thanks to their intangible atmospheres, fascinate visitors at first glance, and that's the place where you can find the real value of living, enjoying tradition and culture. Suggestions and memories, a balm for the soul that time cannot cancel, and an inspiration to create original and unforgettable Eau de Parfum.

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