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Drops of nature on your skin. A journey in Italy can't but start from Tuscany.. Queen of Arts, home of culture, thought and Italian Language, witness of a neture made of absolute beauty. Worldwide dreamed of and loved. Tuscany, with its "hills", forms that harmonious whole made of a great fascinating landscape. Romantic Woods of Holm oaks and rows of cypresses alternate with a sudden openness of viewpoints and terraces. Entering deep into the personality of these places and their indefinable atmosphere and unforgettable fragrances is a unique experience and a nourishment for memory and imagination. Tuscany overall represents Art, the place where beauty feels at home, and this inspired Aquacosmetics in creating its new line of products "THE TUSCAN HILL", an olfactory and artistic level "jewel": - olfactory, as born from the perfumes of nature skilfully mixed together to obtain an original higher class quality Eau de Toilette. - artistic, as the look of the line had birth in the "handicraft shop" with an union of shapes and modern elements together with the ancient materials masterly shaped by craftsmen. Special feature of this line indeed is having put forward the traditional manufacturing of Tuscan art, made in collaboration with the Cooperative Society Artieri Alabastro, in Volterra, for the creation of unique objects in limited numbered editions. Original perfumes and expertise craft handed down through centuries, re-played with an up-to-date taste, for a balanced overall of style and emotion: that's how "THE TUSCAN HILL" takes life, ambassodor of the "Tuscan life style" all over the world.

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