Le Frag

Le Frag was founded by Agnieszka Lewandowska. Polish creative passionate about niche perfumery. In 2009 she moved to Barcelona where she dabbled further into the perfume industry and  she was welcomed into the world of perfume making. Encompassing everything she have learned, and seeking an outlet to express her creativity,  Le Frag was born.

The brand was crafted to reveal her own story and inspire yours. The goal was to create invigorating, intoxicating scents that spark emotion, storytelling and might even help you change the course of your narrative. Inside every bottle there is a layered tale made to stir conversations, creativity, and passion.

Le Frag is intended to inspire those who wander. And not just for fragrances but for those who crave individuality. "I am passionate about sharing my story because I hope it will inspire others to follow their hearts and celebrate their authentic selves. Le Frag is dedicated to all those who feel different. You’re not alone. Trust me; everything is fine with you” says Agnieszka

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