Masque Milano

Two lads of plenty of shared passions. Passions for traveling, reading, music. They love design objects, natural materials, hand-made details. They believe in - and adhete to - commitment at work, as well as joie de vivre outlook to life. They are two die-hard dreamers, who resolves to bring their emotions to life. In the year 2010 - after years of research in scents and essences in Grasse and artisans across Italy, they established Masque. Like good musical directors, they learnt how to orchestrate a wide and well assorted group of maîtres parfumeurs and artisans. Fascinated by perfumes and fine fragrances, they strengthened their background by starting and educational programme in olfactory techinques ( encompassing study of reference books, attendance to seminars and training cources ). Through hard work and dedication they became better equipped in the enticing world of noses and raw materials. They put down their memories in words, it turned out the collection of "scenes", representing moments of their past, places visited, friendships and love, emotions and recurring dreams. Not just Orchestra Directors, they now turned into playwrights and producers of an Opera. Acts and Scenes in which young and talented noses - rising stars of worldwide artistic perfumery - would wear the mask and interpret their roles.

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