"Imagined and created in Cannes, the place to be on the French Riviera. ONSKAD is an independent perfume house. It collaborates with luxury and fragrance industry experts located in the cradle of Grasse with an undeniable expertise.

ONSKAD presents itself as a tribute to all women who wish to be intoxicated by olfactory finery.

Striking perfumes that speak for themselves. Our creations are revealed and put to olfactory treasures that affirm in the memory the trail, the allure and the presence of a woman.

ONSKAD, a brand against the current, revealing sophisticated perfumes with a contemporary allure, providing with a contemporary allure, providing scents of great scope. The creative emotion of a timeless signature, perfumes that go beyond fashions and trends.

Perfume is a weapon for those who know how to use it, it intimidates, it impresses. The Passion is omnipresent" - a note from the brand

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