In our shop we offer an opportunity to order samples of most of fragrances. We send prefabricated samples when available. When prefabricated samples are permanent or temporary not available, they are replaced by hand-made 1 ml samples. The price is same because of work and material costs.

Fragrance & Art offers sample cashback. This means that we will credit you the value of the previously purchased sample if you order an original full-size (min.30 ml) and full-prise product of the same item in a subsequent order within 30 days. Sample cachback is not applicable for travel-size bottles, travel-size sets, discovery sets, samples or discounted products (even within 30 days). Sample cashback cannot be used for purchase of other items then the sample. Sample cashback is not valid for free samples or for samples bought in the same order or in the order shipped together with bottle of identical fragrance. (Example: when you buy 1 bottle 50 ml of fragrance A and 1 sample of fragrance A together in same order, or in two orders shipped together, sample cashback cannot be used). Sample cashback is only applicable when the original bottle and sample are purchased by two separate orders within 30 days. Sample cashback is not applicable together with gift card.

The credited amount will be equal the value of the sample when you purchased it.

Sample cashback is only valid for samples purchased at Fragrance & Art.

IMPORTANT! No double-ordered samples are accepted. All identical samples ordered 2 or more times within 2 weeks to same address are double-ordered and will be replaced or removed.

There are 3 options to order samples:

1. Sample only order. (online only, not in the shop).

1a. You may order max. 1 sample for 1 fragrance in 1 order.

1b. No free samples are available for "Sample only" orders.

1c. No return or exchange for "Sample only" orders.

1d. Discovery sets and Boxes of the Month are equal to samples, therefore no free samples are available for discovery sets or Box of the Month orders.

1e. With order of Discovery sample set or of Box of the month you may neither purchase same samples separate nor order them as free samples. All double ordered samples will be removed or replaced, or the order will be cancelled.

2. Order of at least 1 original bottle and samples. (valid for online orders only)

2a. When ordering of at least 1 original bottle (not a sample!) you can request up to 3 samples for free per each ordered bottle.

2b. You may order max. 1 sample for 1 fragrance in 1 order.

2c. The offer of free samples does not apply to products on sale with reduced prices or with all sale actions.

2d. One travel size set is equal to 1 original bottle, so you can request 3 samples for each set.

2e. To receive free samples, please write names of fragrances as "Message".

IMPORTANT! Only samples written as "Message" can be sent for free. If samples are selected via the shopping basket system (not as "Message"), these samples will be added and charged to your order. Subsequent reimbursement is not possible. When you purchase samples, you may not order same sample as free in same order, we reserve right to exchange double ordered samples.

3. Order of sample set or subscription for 6 months. (online only)

3a. Every month Fragrance & Art will choose a different inspiration and share it with you. Each box contents samples of 6 fragrances available at Fragrance & Art.

3b. The fragrances included into the box are secret and reveals 20th of each month.

3c. You can order one box or make a 6 month subscription (see 3o).

3d. Each sample in the box is ca.1,8 - 2 ml.

3e. Fragrance & Art offers a sample cashback if you decide to purchase a full-size bottle of scent from the box within one month after you receive of box. The discount will be equal to price of the box (see 3M). Just use the promo code you will receive with your box. 

IMPORTANT! Only one promo code can be used at one particular order. Promo codes cannot be used together with other offers or with gift cards. No single sample cashback applies when used a promo code.

3f. Free shipping for all boxes worldwide (see 3N).

3g. We send boxes to subscribers between 10th and 20th every month.

3h. Each sample set includes ONLY hand-made samples. No replacement against prefabricated samples is allowed.

3i. Each sample set is only available within 1 month, later order is impossible.

3j. No changes of items quantity or name in the sample set are possible.

3k. Sample set may not be ordered as free samples.

3l. With order of sample set you may neither purchase same samples separate nor order them as free samples. All double ordered samples will be replaced or the order will be cancelled.

3m. The cashback is not applicable for Travel Size bottles, Travel Size sets or for other options without full-size bottles. You may not use the promo code for purchasing of other items, only for fragrances from the box.

3n. If you receive the shipping costs for box - we will refund it.

3o. To start subscription for same month please subscribe latest 20th of month. All subscriptions placed later starts from next month.

3p. All Fragrance & Art boxes within Sweden are shipping by Postnord Varubrev. All Fragrance & Art boxes to other countries are shipped by Rostnord Recommended.

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