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She carries her memories like her scent. They surround her, they endure, and they speak her name. She is a collector, and among her souvenirs can be found the beauty of beginnings, the ache of endings. In the sanctuary of her heart lie the sacred and the profane, they come together like the notes of her fragrance. She doesn't linger long at the altar of regret. She lights the candle and burns the incense at the shrine of remembrance and expectation, pleasure and pain, in anticipation of the glorious memories yet to create. And when she finds you, you will know the end of innocence. With the song of a siren, she lures you with an indecent charm, an almost malevolent delicacy. She sings to the animal in you. She awakens the sleeping lion, she tames the savage beast. She leads you to wondrous and frightening delights, and you may be surprised by the strength of her seduction. She is masculine/feminine, succubus and incubus, and she can be dangerous, but only to those who willingly resist the confines of safety. You will shudder at the urgency of her will, and tremble at your hungry response. In her insatiable desire to have and to give, she is under you and over you, she consumes you with her life force. She knows when to strike, when to stroke. And as she devours you, you can taste every delicious touch, every bite, every flicker of her tongue. She is heaven and hell, the terrible and the beautiful. She can dance on your grave, awaken you with a blood kiss, and you will join her in this feverish whirl, to the tempo of a tango, until you are one with her, in mind and body. And you will carry this memory as you carry this scent. 69 rue des Archives is the address of Etat Libre d'Orange. Archives69 is the essence of Etat Libre d'Orange. This is a perfume designed to free the senses, to open the heart to all the possibilities. It is an invitation to pleasure, an ode to seduction. It comes without restrictions, rules or regulations. It is yours to do with as you wish. This is the scent of sensual liberation.

Perfume family: spicy, oriental, aldeghydic

Topnotes: mandarine, pink pepper, pimento

Heart notes: plum, frankincense, orchidée

Base notes: camphor, benzoin, patchouli, musk

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