Relique d'Amour

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Oriza L.Legrand

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The smell of an old chapel of Cistercian abbey. Cold stone walls covered with damp moss. Waxed wood of altar and old pews ornate with carvings. Linseed oil in lamps. Incense and myrrh discernible in the air. But how fresh and spicy the smell of white royal lilies on this background! Subtle floral scent with green accents of leaves and powdery touches of yellow pollen. The beam of light breaks through the stained glass and illuminates this olfactory tumult of feelings varying from exaltation to humility and back. The silence which creates a sense of the divine call.

Perfume family: oriental, woody

Top notes: fresh herbs, pine.
Middle notes: powdery notes, white lily, pepper, oak, incense, myrrh, elemi.
Base notes: musk, moss, waxed wood, pepper.

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Design: Norrwebb
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