Oeillet Louis XV

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Oriza L.Legrand

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Powdery and peppery, silky and spicy, Oeillet Louis XV soothes yet confuses with its paradoxes. Reminiscences of an ancient time, powder fades and gives way to spicy notes of clove. Oeillet Blanc is homage to the beloved French King Louis XV who saw Oriza’s birth and became its most illustrious customer. White carnation is at the heart of this fragrance and is the source of its dichotomy. Symbol of true love under the monarchy, the flower
embodied the fire of French Revolution. As a scent, white carnation is as intoxicating as the most subtle poison; a delicate blend of mandarin, monarchical iris and light wood chords, which cannot resist the violence of pepper and spicy clove. Pink carnation brings a note of bitterness, symbol of Mary’s sorrow. Legend has it the flower sprang where Mary’s tears fell as she saw Jesus carry the cross. Contrasts, olfactory and symbolic best describe “Oeillet
Louis XV”, rival less and elegant perfume that never ceases to astonish.

Perfume family: spicy, floral

Top notes: pink pepper, mandarin
Heart notes: white carnation, carnation absolute, white orchid, iris, rose, clove
Base notes: rice powder, white musk, white honey, woody notes.

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Design: Norrwebb
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